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August 24, 2016    Olympic Golf - A big success . . . but - Olympic golf was a smash hit but will that success help to accomplish the goal of those who believe the inclusion in the XXXI Olympiad ... [more]

August 16, 2016    10 rounds with Exotics DG Tour Series Putter - There are lots of reasons to pick a particular putter from “it looks good” to of course, “it works... at least for now.” There’s even ... [more]

August 05, 2016    One less slice to the Pie - By Ed Travis The golf equipment industry is evaluating the potential effects of Nike Golf announcing Aug. 3 it would getting ... [more]

July 28, 2016    Jack would have been third - Two years ago the PGA of America realizing how much interest there had been in the long drive competition formerly held before the PGA Championship ... [more]

July 25, 2016    High Heat 3-wood and Hybrid - There have been few startup manufacturers whose clubs have received as much attention and praise as the High Heat driver introduced last year by Knuth ... [more]

July 15, 2016    A Professional Mixture - Business & Golf - At one time or another most of us have played golf in a business situation often with customers or potential customers and sometimes it hasn’t ... [more]

July 05, 2016    Golf in the Olympics? May as well toss a caber - After more than a century golf is again an Olympic sport and perhaps it would be a good idea to consider also adding that other ... [more]

June 27, 2016    Better turn - Better swing - Stand around the first tee on any given Saturday morning and several things are obvious. For the purposes of this article the one that concerns ... [more]

June 07, 2016    Arnie's new book - He doesn’t play any longer and perhaps his step has slowed some but Arnold Palmer is still The King and what his millions of fans ... [more]

May 17, 2016    10 rounds with Cobra F7 Baffler - Time flies and if you’re of the age to remember Cobra’s Baffler has been around since 1975. Granted the Baffler name has been applied to ... [more]

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