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April 20, 2016    Titleist NXT Tour & NXT Tour S - Every golfer knows the Pro V1 and Prov1x are flagships for the Titleist brand. Because of their performance they are number one in sales ... [more]

April 11, 2016    Recycled Golf Balls - Less Expensive Performance? - We put recycled 2016 model Titleist Pro V1x golf balls from head to head with those fresh from Acushnet and can confirm what others ... [more]

March 17, 2016    10 rounds with the Leupold GX-2i - Customization in golf is all the rage. Drivers have ability to reposition weight and adjust the loft so ball launch tendencies can ... [more]

March 04, 2016    Effective slow play solutions have been hard to find - ... [more]

February 25, 2016    Sean Toulon of Toulon Design - Retiring last July after 16 years with TaylorMade Golf, his most recent position being Executive Vice President of Product Creation, Sean Toulon says he gave ... [more]

February 15, 2016    Kids go Golphin - Growing the Game. A fine slogan and more players are needed to keep golf healthy as both a sport and a business but at ... [more]

February 08, 2016    DV8 'Deviates' from tradition - The reaction upon first seeing the DV8 golf clubs was, Right... a set of clubs in a backpack. But it's true and according to ... [more]

February 02, 2016    PGA Show takeaway, a bit more optimism in the air despite challenges - ... [more]

February 01, 2016    Can technology save golf? One question from busy PGA Merchandise Show - By ED TRAVIS The Major of the Golf Business is not an exaggeration as it applies to the PGA Merchandise Show held ... [more]

February 01, 2016    Patriot series irons from Sterling England - One of the benefits of the annual PGA Merchandise Show is having the chance to find unique golf products, ones that separate themselves from the ... [more]

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