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August 19, 2015    10 Rounds with Powerbilt AFO DFX Tour - As I pointed out last year in my review of Powerbilt Golf's AFO DFX driver, pumping up a clubhead with gas is not a gimmick ... [more]

August 10, 2015    Better Scoring - Scoring shots, those little less-than-full-swings from under 100-yards and around the green. Putting, sand shots, they all are important and when well executed they improve ... [more]

August 07, 2015    Could TaylorMade be for sale? - ... [more]

July 29, 2015    Plummeting sales force layoffs, price cuts at TaylorMade - ... [more]

July 24, 2015    Global Golf Guide & Logbook - Now available free of charge at the iTunes App Store is an app that will give you help finding courses anywhere in the world with ... [more]

June 29, 2015    10 Rounds with Mizuno JPX-850 Driver - Everyone knows Mizuno Golf's reputation for making top performing models in every iron category from professional level to game improvement. What many golfers don't realize ... [more]

June 23, 2015    Fox Open coverage - ... [more]

June 11, 2015    To improve tempo - Listen for the Click - Visualize the scene at the beginning of Tin Cup when Renee Russo shows up for a lesson from Roy McAvoy, played by Kevin Costner, a ... [more]

June 08, 2015    10 Rounds with Bridgestone J715 Driver - ... [more]

May 29, 2015    G30 Success Story - The PING G30 driver in the month of April, according equipment sales as tracked by Golf Datatech, not only maintained but increased its lead as ... [more]

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